European Power Connectors

Power Connector 'Schuko'      CEE 7   /   CEE 7/4   /   CEE 7/7
also known as 'Type F' Electric Plug 240 VAC, 16 Ampere

Power Connector 'Blue'      IEC 60 884, EN 60 884
240 VAC, 16 Ampere, Protection: IP44

Power Connector 'schutzisoliert'      EN 50 075

Power Connector 'PowerCon' Neutrik      20A
neutral and premating safety grounds, rated at 20A/250VAC
colour coded: power in (BLUE) and power out (GREY)

Power Connector 'PowerCon' Neutrik      32A
VDE, UL, cUL and JET
3-pole single-phase ac installation coupler without breaking capacity
current rating of 32 Amp for voltages up to 250VAC
screw-type terminals accommodating wires from 2.5 to 6.0 mm2 (AWG 14-10)

Power Connector IED C19/C20     16A

Power Connector IED C21     16A
for high temperatures

Power Connector IED C13     10A
not for high temperatures (German "Kaltgerätestecker")

Power Connectors for molded power cables      IEC 60 320, EN 60 320

Connector Type Max. Temperature Max. Current Standard
70°C 0.2 Ampere C1/C2  
70°C 2.5 Ampere EN 60320-2-2/A
70°C 2.5 Ampere C3/C4  
70°C 2.5 Ampere C7/C8  
70°C 6 Ampere C9/C10  
155°C 10 Ampere C15A/C16A 
70°C 10 Ampere C11/C12 
70°C 10 Ampere EN 60320-2.2/E
120°C 10 Ampere EN 60320-2.2
70°C 16 Ampere C17/C18 
70°C 16 Ampere EN 60320-2.2 I
70°C 16 Ampere C23/C24 
155°C 16 Ampere C21/C22